This was a labor of love. I remember being in high school and in my freshman year of college and just struggling with kinematcs problems. Eventually, in my junior year, I would go back and take the freshman test for fun and actually do pretty well. To me kinematics became easy when my professor told me "just do what you can, and stop worrying about trying to find the answer". It didn't make sense at first, but if you just start working the equations to find as many values as you can, and not try to get the answer on the first try, the answer just falls right out. This inspired me to make an app which lists all the kinematic equations as a checklist-style form, which, in combination with your pen and paper, can really make solving those equations a lot easier. Just tap each value you have as a known quantity and see which other equations you can solve. Eventually, the answer will fall right out. Good luck.